How much do Electric Unicycles cost?

Currently electric unicycles cost typically between EUR 500 and EUR 1500 (including transport and taxes and duties) depending on the manufacturer and on the technical spec. However it is expected that these prices might come down a bit when more people buy them, and on the other hand that there will be some more expensive models as well for the lovers of “Ferraris”.

To understand the cost, consider this example of a cost calculation for a self-import to Europe. To simplify it, we left all cost in US$:

$ 250.00 Cost of Electric Unicycle in China
$ 150.00 Transport
$   24.00 Duty at 6% of Cost+Transport
$   84.80 approx. VAT in Europe (20% of Cost+Transport+Duty)
$ 508.80

So for a relatively inexpensive Electric Unicycle, the landed cost can be more than 100% of the EUC price. Keep this in mind if you consider a self-import. For a more expensive EUC, the proportions shift a little, but be aware that the Transport, Duty and VAT are still a big chunk!

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