In a phased manner we will add here all the information about Electric Unicycles you need to know….and a bit more!

It will be an comprehensive listing of all models of all manufacturers (or at least of all that are prepared to provide detailed information).

The included manufacturers that you can find via the submenus are:

Top 10:

  • Ninebot
  • Airwheel
  • KingSong
  • Gotway
  • IPS
  • Solowheel
  • Rockwheel
  • Firewheel
  • Inmotion

The Others:

  • Betterwheels
  • Bings
  • Crosswheel
  • EYU
  • Fastwheel
  • Freego
  • F-Wheel
  • Leadway
  • Legway
  • Milbay
  • Mobbo
  • Mocyl
  • Monorover
  • Monowheel
  • Pinwheel
  • Sologear
  • Suokuwheel
  • UERA
  • TG
  • Walker
  • Wangquan
  • Wind Rider
  • WindGoo
  • Yoobao

Some of these will be re-badged from other manufacturers, some are just trading names for OEM products and others are so small that you will hardly ever hear from them again.

We also expect that a range of electric unicycle manufacturers are not even mentioned here! There are new manufacturers and new names appearing on a near daily basis and if you come across a name that has not been mentioned here, please use the contact form to let us now.

If you represent any of these brands/names/manufacturers above and feel that the information provided is not correct or maybe there are gaps, please also contact us to provide us with all the details and we will ensure that the entry for your company will be updated.