Electric Unicycles – Not only for poor people!

If you held back from buying an Electric Unicycle because they look/are to cheap for you, then there is good news. Goldgenie.com is now selling an Electric Unicycle that will meet your requirements and will separate you from the poorer Electric Unicycle masses:

Extra for you, a 24 karat gold-plated Electric Unicycle has been created and it is sold for the appropriate price of GBP 28,000. Unexpectedly, delivery is free ;-)


If you don’t want to pay in GBP, you could save a LOT of money, but if you have money and live in Britain, we’d say there could be nothing more common than buying the Electric Unicycle for the significantly cheaper Euro or US$ price. GBP 28,000 is the equivalent of US$ 43,600 or EUR 40,250, but Goldgenie sells it for the bargain price of US$ 37,800 / EUR 28,000 in the other currencies. (Exchange rate on 21 July 2015)

It is however, a little disappointing that the pedals are just boring Aluminium. Some diamond splinters to increase the anti-slip properties of normal pedals or at least a roughened gold surface (gold sand paper look) would have shown a better understanding of the needs of the affluent customer base.

Goldgenie gave the Electric Unicycle the silly name “Segwheel” and the technical spec is quite basic, but the focus was clearly elsewhere.

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