What will the future bring?

Is there a big market?

Considering that Self-balancing Electric Unicycles are only around for about 3 years and still haven’t properly made it to Western Europe and the USA, it is amazing that there are already more than 20 different brands out there.

Currently virtually all Electric Unicycles are manufactured in China. The manufacturing capacity is huge and the amount of companies that are specialising on Electric Unicycles seems to be increasing every month.

The CEO of Electric Unicycle company Ninebot explained that in 2014 the number of electric scooters that were sold in China was approx. 30 mio. (!!!) and he would be happy if the E-unicycle market was about 10% of that.

But how many Electric Scooters have you seen in Europe or in the USA? Not many, we’d say! And what is 10% of not many? ;-) You see where we are going with this? The market for Electric Unicycles outside China will remain quite small in comparison, so the focus will be on the Chinese market.


The problems Electric Unicycle fans are facing at the moment are inconsistent manufacturing quality among different brands, lack of reliable performance information and lack of clear legal frameworks for the use of Electric Unicycles in Europe and the USA.

Some of these issues are easier to solve than others and the Electric Unicycle Guide will help you make sense to these issues, find out what the developments in other countries are and – with your support – will also engage in discussions with manufacturers, resellers and authorities to help solving some of these issues.

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