If you had a picture of Electric Unicycles, you can imagine that there is a bit of learning involved. Some people master riding an Electric Unicycle within a couple of hours, others need a few days or even weeks.

Think back when you learned how to ride a bicycle. It is the same learning all over again. Approach it with an open mind and it will be fun!

We will introduce you to learning resources here and will give some tips and hints.

If you live in Dublin (Ireland), we can also offer to teach you!

Maybe you have already an Electric Unicycle and struggle a little OR you would like to buy one, but want to try it out first before you spend the money.

The lessons are 1:1 and last for 1 hour and you will have the full attention of one of our experts for the duration of the class.

Contact us on electricunicycleguide@gmail.com and we will get back to you!