Where should I buy an Electric Unicycle?

Most electric unicycles are made in China and that’s where you have the widest choice. Between 50 and 150 companies are currently manufacturing Electric Unicycles and they are all trying to sell there products.

Unfortunately many of these companies are not very good a Quality Control and at Customer Service and these two are crucial components when it comes to purchasing a relatively pricey device that could be dangerous to you if it malfunctions.

You can buy based on price and looks from eBay or Amazon or – if you are prepared to import the Electric Unicycle yourself, you can also buy on some of the Chinese websites. But it can be a lot of hassle and unless you do your figures meticulously, you could even pay more than if you buy from a local reseller.

Doing the import yourself means you will have to pay import tax/customs duty and VAT/Sales tax on top of the cost for the Electric Unicycle AND the relatively high transport charges and you have to deal with customs. In some countries that means you will have to collect the parcel at the nearest customs depot. Importing yourself also means that you might not get any warranty from the manufacturer at all.

If you buy from a reseller in your country, then he/she will look after the import and all local laws (including warranty etc) will apply.

We recommend the self-import route only to smart enthusiasts. We also would advise you to be very very careful when buying from Amazon and eBay. While these platforms give you more rights than when you self-import, you could still deal with a bad seller and have a lot of hassle in the process. If you do decide from eBay, please use PayPal to pay as this increases your rights.

Most end users who would prefer a low risk and low hassle purchase of an electric unicycle should buy from a local reseller that quotes an all-inclusive end price and that also provides the important warranty and hopefully some advise. However, don’t rely on the reseller’s advise only. He/she typically only represents a limited number of brands and therefore might not give completely neutral advise.

The downside of a local reseller is that the service he/she provides come at a price. So when you compare prices for unicycles in China with prices in your country of residence, you might be surprised about the difference at first, but when you consider all the cost your retailer has to look after you might understand better.

We have bought unicycles from Amazon.co.uk, have self-imported from China and considered buying from a European reseller and we are happy to advise you further if you need help.

If you do buy from a shopping website, we recommend that you stick with the bigger and better known brands. Don’t just buy any Electric Unicycle, it often is of dubious quality with endlessly exaggerated specifications.

We will add some more information here in the near future, but in the meantime you can contact us via the Contact Us page if you need further help!

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