What electric unicycle brands are there?

You wonder if there are maybe two or three or even four manufacturers out there?

What if we tell you that there are well over 50 brands already in the market, all competing for a piece of the market that is expected to be massive? Are you surprised?

Here are are some of the electric unicycle brands (in no particular order):

Rockwheel, Ninebot, Solowheel, Firewheel, Airwheel, Gotway, Bings, IPS, Legway, MonoRover, UERA, EYU, Walker, Leadway, Sologear, Mobbo, Mocyl, TG, Wangquan, Esway, King Song, Crosswheel, Betterwheels, GTS, Monowheel, Suokuwheel, Wind Rider, Pinwheel, Wingoo, Freego, F-Wheel, Superwheel, Tomoloo, Speedway, Freeman, MyWay, Toptrip, Crosswheel, Robstep, Milbay, etc.

Some brands are only known and available in China at the moment, but most of the above appear on Ebay, Amazon or at least on the Chinese e-commerce sites (e.g. Banggood, AliExpress, etc). It is not always easy, though, to identify if a different name means that Electric Unicycle is manufactured by a different manufacturer or if it is just the label from a different reseller: There are a number of white-label brands, where manufacturers sell the unicycles directly to independent resellers/importers and they then put their stickers on….just to confuse us. ;-)

The ElectricUnicycleGuide will focus on manufacturers, not just on “labels”. That means that the different electric unicycles that we discuss and explain are not just white-labelled, but are from genuine manufacturers.

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