Where can I learn it?

You can practise on an empty parking lot, a public square, on a playing pitch, in your backyard, in a side street etc. Wherever there is a flat area you can practise yourself. Initially it is helpful if there is a wall or railing nearby, but soon you won’t need that anymore. Just make sure that wherever you go, you don’t interfere with other traffic or users of the space AND that using your electric unicycle is legal in your chosen spot.

If you want to learn using an electric unicycle with the assistance of a teacher, check with your local electric unicycle shop or see if there are other users nearby that could point you in the right direction.

If you are based in Dublin (Ireland) – or want us to travel to you – , you can contact us via the CONTACT US form and we will be able to discuss your requirements. Over time, we will add more training facilities and teachers in other countries and cities as well.

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