How hard is it to ride an electric unicycle?

These are some of the most frequent questions people have about Electric Unicycles:

  1. How hard is it to ride an electric unicycle?
  2. Can anybody learn it?
  3. How long did it take you?

Like with everything that is based on learning, there are no answers that apply to everyone, but let us share our experience with you:

How hard it is to ride an electric unicycle?

Actually, it is not hard at all to ride one…..once you have learned it. ;-) But we know that that real question you had was “How hard is it to learn to ride an electric unicycle?” So let’s look at that.

Most people find it quite difficult to get their head around the mechanics of an electric unicycle. The forward-backward movement is not much of a problem, because the unicycle’s gyroscopes and sensors look after that extremely well and after using the stabilisers/learning wheels for a very short time, most people have absolutely no problem with it.

The big problem, though, is to learn to master the sideways balancing, because that is completely left to you and the unicycle will not help you with it. There has been another time in most people’s life when you had to learn the sideways balancing, but that was a loooong time ago when your body was learning faster and you were less afraid of falling: Learning to ride an electric unicycle is like learning to ride a bicycle again! But the good news is that you managed once before, so you will manage it again! Give yourself some time and check out the learning resources are providing in another section of this website and trust your abilities! It is definitely worth it!



Can anybody learn it?

Everybody who has normal balance and normal use of legs and arms can learn it and a generalised rule could be: If you can cycle a bicycle, you can also ride a unicycle.


How long did it take you?

The good thing about human beings is that everybody is a little different and everybody has some strengths and some weaknesses. That also means that there are fast learners and others need a bit more time. We also run classes for people that want to learn it and we have seen huge differences. Some people learn the basics within 5-10 minutes, other need days or even weeks. Be consistent and keep working on it, but also leave breaks! Our brain sometimes needs a little extra time to build new connections in the brain.

Like you mastered cycling, you will also eventually master riding an electric unicycle and once you can do it, you will never forget it again.


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