The Electric Unicycle Guide Facebook Page is a new resource for Electric Unicycle Enthusiasts and anybody else interested, to find and exchange information about this super-fun new mode of transport.

While still relatively unknown in the “Western World”, Electric Unicycles are already very popular in China and some predict that it will the THE toy of the future for grown-ups and kids alike.

The Chinese Manufacturers are racing ahead with new and better Electric Unicycles and there are currently already more than 20 brand names out there that most people have never heard of.

The big names in this area are SoloWheel, Airwheel, Rockwheel, Firewheel, IPS, Ninebot and we bet at least some of them are new to you.

This website will inform you about the developments, the differences between unicycles and about many other interesting details in connection with this enjoyable but also still odd, new vehicle.